Official Release : TBD
Creative Direction & Produced by : Christine Trinh & Vision Studio
Shot & Edited by : Vision Studio

Too often, we miss out on moments we wish we could have. Either we feel trapped by our debts, our 9-5, and even our own negative thoughts. For what? Security. In order to conform to Society norms. To never Fail. To please those around us. It starts with freeing our MINDS from all the expectations society feeds us. We must believe we deserve happiness, love, and success. There’s no way we were born to be the same, work our butts off in something we may not love just to pay bills for the rest of our lives. While on the journey to the unknown, I’m learning that happiness is something that cannot be chased. Instead we must define what ‪#‎success‬ is for ourselves, and live it. This is why we decided to create a silent short film to convey a message that freedom starts within, and although we are sometimes afraid of the unknown, we must remind ourselves that it’s never too late, to do what we love, to discover our potential, to be who we are, and as they say to be unapologetic in our commitments and honourable in our behaviours. Only then, will ‪#‎happiness‬ chase us. May we count our blessings, believe in our own truth, and continue to grow.

After all, “It’s the JOURNEY, not the destination”. -D.Miller



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