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I once had no idea. I once lived a fast & busy life, pursued a bachelor’s in Marketing at the John Molson School of Business, and just when I got accepted into an exchange program in SPAIN (my dream then) I was led to discover that I had a ‘hole’ in my heart, called an Atrial Septal Defect.
Ever since my heart surgery in 2010, I was propelled to pursue the unconventional route of what it meant to be successful and happy. Thus, to break free from old paradigms, society’s and my own self limiting beliefs. Ultimately, to follow my heart this time around no matter what.
It all started with a fundraising event I created called “Dance Your Heart Out” initially to mainly raise funds for the Montreal Heart Institute and increase awareness among the youth about heart disease, but later on realized the message I also wanted to convey, was to live a life of passion, something I yearned to do but never did prior to surgery. At the event, I had the opportunity to perform a rap for the cause, to which led me to discover my love for the art of self-expression. Through the exploration of various mediums from music to dance, acting and stunts, I began to heal. Through these mediums, I learned the power of vulnerability and the importance of embracing the darker parts of who we are. So we can be free. And that by facing our fears, we can feel alive.
However, recently, I came to realize that who we are is ever-changing and is not entirely defined by what we do. I am nonetheless grateful for the opportunities I have in acting stunts, as well as in creative directing and personal branding, to which I get to coach artists & entrepreneurs with the aim to show their true essence in their work.
So, beyond my passions and my career who AM I?
A soul. who is reborn every so often. Who’s strongly attracted to growth, through experiences, and connecting with others. Who loves discovering beyond what meets the eye, and everything pertaining to spirituality. Someone who strongly values authenticity. Who “fails”, at times and makes mistakes. Who sometimes feels lost, but understands that it’s part of growth. Someone whose views and feelings are in the shades of grey. Who’s super power would be to fly. Who’s thrilled to discover endless, within and would love to travel all parts of the world. Who’s attracted to souls, not faces. Someone who’s now excited to live in the unknown, and determined to be self-made. Ultimately, someone who wants to make a difference by being true to oneself and doing what one loves.
Having said that, I now have a youtube channel, and recently started my new journey as Christine, The Spiritual G, with a vision to empower others to be their dope self.
WHO AM I? I AM Much More ME.
(To be continued…at
Much Love,
Christine Trinh
feel it + be free. Be Reborn – CT
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