WHO I AM – my story in a nutshell.

Born and raised in Montreal, I was encouraged to honor my cultural heritage but often had a desire to move beyond a strictly Asian Canadian experience.

While I grew up exposed to the more conservative and traditional views, for the longest time I was afraid to be who I am, and felt the need to pursue the conventional route of what it meant to be successful and happy.

So WHO AM I? I once had no idea. I once lived a fast busy life, pursued a bachelor’s in Marketing at the John Molson School of Business, and just when I got accepted into an exchange program in SPAIN (my dream then) I was led to discover that I had a ‘hole’ in my heart, called an Atrial Septal Defect.

At 21, never did I imagine going through a heart surgery. Ironically, as my journey unfolded, the hole had been the void I yearned to fill. This life-changing experience propelled me to find myself, my passion and purpose. To follow my heart this time around, no matter I was taught to believe. To break free from old paradigms and limited self beliefs. I knew I wanted to make a difference, someday – I just wasn’t sure how. I eventually came to realize, in order to “help” others, I needed to heal myself first.

It all started with  a fundraising event I created called “Dance Your Heart Out” at first mainly to raise funds for the Montreal Heart Institute and increase awareness among the youth about heart disease, but later on discovered the message I most wanted to convey, was to live a life of passion, something I had never done prior to surgery. Shortly after my recovery, I remembered falling in love with the art of self-expression, and through the exploration of various mediums from music to dance, acting and stunts, I began to heal. Through it, I was inspired to become who I am today. To be more vulnerable, after I had long been repressed, and embrace the darker parts of me. To face my fears, in order to feel alive.

Here’s the thing though. Recently, I came to realize that who I am, is not entirely defined by what I do. I am nonetheless grateful to have had opportunities so far on my path as an actress, stunt performer, and as a creative director to help brand artists in an authentic way, and inspire them to embrace who they are in their every day life. Having studied marketing previously, when I started branding myself as an artist I realized to stand out is to be and show who you are. And when I started to align myself more with who I am, I was able to attract the right opportunities, for me, in many aspects of my life.

So, the question remains, WHO AM I? A soul. who needs to create on a daily basis. who’s strongly attracted to growth, through experiences, and connecting with others. who loves discovering the mysteries of life, and what’s beneath the surface, whether it pertains to spirituality, or any intriguing subjects beyond meets the eye. I value authenticity. I’m not perfect. At times, I fail. I make mistakes. I go through moments of confusion and  darkness. but find ways to pick myself back up. I sometimes relapse to old patterns of negativity and self sabotage but I feel I’ve made much progress. I’m open. I don’t fit inside a box. My views fall in the shades of grey. I’m attracted to souls, not faces. I have darker parts to me, and learning to love myself there. I am now someone who’s excited to live in the unknown, and determined to be self-made in the path I create. I’m someone who, wants to make a difference, through, being me, and doing what I love. Currently, I am working on my business, to do so and want to share my story to inspire others alike. I’m someone who loves every form of art. who seeks new adventures, and wants to discover endlessly. and travel all parts of the world, that can in turn help me grow as an individual and continue to expand my perspective.

Ultimately, I feel everyday is an opportunity to be reborn. and so far, I feel much more alive.

WHO AM I? I AM Much More ME.

Much Love,

Christine Trinh

“It is not the absence of fear. It is the will to feel alive.” – CT