Trust Your Journey. Life Happens “For” You.

Life brought you here – and maybe that’s exactly where you need to be. (In Quarantine)
(I was inspired to share this post as I feel  many of us are going through a super hard time right now.)
Dear friend, family, every one: Yes, You may feel “lost” but now is the opportunity, to find yourself, more than ever. You may feel stagnant, but you’ll grow even more (behind closed doors). At times we’re so focused on where we want to be that we don’t take the time to reflect on how far we’ve come & how strong we’ve become. (You are a Warrior)
With that said, sometimes, we need to “fail” in order to then prevail. “Miss” opportunities, so you can be led to the “right” ones. Sometimes, things need to fall apart (this crisis), so things can then fall into place. Sometimes It’s through moments of darkness, that you can see a glimpse of light. ‘Cause like #Rumi says, “the wound is the place the light enters you”.
So although we may feel like giving up even more during this time. And that things just seem to keep getting worse. Please, hold on. Find the courage, to rise from the ashes (when you’re ready). Find something to fight for, while you’re still here. Do what it takes to refuel, so you can be inspired once again, in time.
➡️ One day you’ll look back and realize, that this was part of your process. To heal. To get to that place, you’ve been wanting to go. Thus, as hard as  it may be, Trust in The ups AND Downs. The battles you’ve overcome. Cause they led you HERE + This period is necessary, for what’s to come next. Which will be BOMB! Lastly, I know it’s harder than ever right now but…Trust Your Journey, Life happens “For” You.
Sending you all healing vibes.

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