introspection, Passion

Welcome to my Journey…

I never thought I would have the courage to create a “blog”, let alone share my deepest thoughts, but here I am. Throughout my journey to self-discovery and self-love, I’ve come to realize that every hardship we go through happens for a reason. It may lead us to where we are meant to go, and make us stronger for what’s to come next.  Too often, we focus on the destination and forget how far we’ve come. However,
introspection, Passion

The Tradeoff

AMBITION does come with a price and for those chasing their dreams know how lonely this journey can be. We may often feel the need to justify your actions, your choices. I for one, felt the need to apologize for saying no to partying, for not being able to see my friends often, for prioritizing my projects: the biggest one : Me.  I often felt guilty for walking away from situations, and people that no

Learn Out of Passion

It’s been about 2 years since I stopped going to University. Yep, I could’ve continued and obtained a degree, I was more than half way there, so why did I stop? Some may have perceived this as “giving up”, “lack of commitment, and very often made me question how I would even make a living. However, I now realize that if I had stayed, my choice would’ve been made out of FEAR. FEAR of inadequacy. FEAR