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Validate Yourself, Because You’re Valid.

WTF does Validation really mean, and Why Do We Need It?! Validation: The affirmation that a person or their feelings/opinions are valid/worthwhile. Perhaps my need for it comes from growing up believing my family’s approval defined my worth. So much that for the longest time I would strive to meet their expectations of who I should be – until I realized I would never attain it.  Because ultimately, what I wanted, was not what they
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Love Yourself First.

The journey to self-love is not an easy one. To break free from old paradigms, and your limited self beliefs. To shift your self-perspective and undo what you’re taught – all that, seems never-ending. It took me tragedy, countless self-help books, and all kinds of therapy, to understand that it was never about “fixing” yourself or changing the parts of you that you feel are dark, and “imperfect”. It’s about shifting your perspective to which
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Are You In or “Out” 😉 ?

Have You Ever Felt Like You Didn’t Belong? …Sometimes I feel I don’t. Sometimes I want to be a Vampire and Kick some Major Butt. And yeah, maybe I’m weird. Maybe I’m different. The thing is I used to think, to be the same, was the “in” thing, the “good” thing, but the more I started to shed layers and let go of who I never was, I started to realize, it’s not about being
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Hold the Vision. Trust the Process

Ever get tired of “Healing”? Yeah, healing can be a pain in the ass. I often wanted to say FUCK HEALING. ‘Cause let’s be real, to face your inner wounds is tough af. But it’s brave. And as painful as it is, through it, we grow, we discover ourselves more. And, we become more of who we are. With that said, when you feel you’re at rock bottom and struggle to see the light, Trust
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This pic, was taken during a moment when I was feeling pretty damn good.  A moment when I was letting go. This feeling unfortunately or fortunately, cannot be constant. Cannot be “stable”. When life kicks me in the ass, when shit gets fucked and it’s the retrograde, or the full moon, rather than escape, I feel it all now. And as much as I try to meditate and stay balanced during these moments, it’s challenging
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Leap Into the Unknown

Ever feel like you’re being pulled in one direction but can’t seem to break through that threshold? The journey into the unknown is scary af.  And we’ve all been there. Where we’ve had to make the decision, whether to leap forward or play it safe. I’ve come to realize that the unknown means growth. And the more you grow, the more you feel “lost”. The more you feel like you’re starting over again. As if you’re
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Let go, Let love

Sometimes at the end, you start to think of the beginning. You ask yourself why you even opened up? Would it have been better to not let love in at all? But then you realize, without pain, there is no love. Without darkness, there is no light. When a relationship with someone you love so deeply feels like it’s coming to an end ’cause deep down, you know. That perhaps, it’s no longer for you.
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The path that leads to new journeys

Ever since I chose the artist & “unconventional” route of pursuing acting and stunts, I’ve wanted to give up at least once a year. I was intrigued by this path, and became passionate about acting and stunts because it made me feel alive – because acting and stunts became mediums where I could express myself – given I was once emotionally repressed, afraid to be who I am & to be vulnerable – Until, my
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Purge, ’cause you’re fvcking worth it.

To be honest, with all the energy shifts/retrogrades lately and from what I’ve seen and felt, I believe it’s been tough for a lot of us. I, for one felt a deep need to purge. And that’s not always easy. Negative thoughts, old patterns and wounds, that you thought you had healed resurfaced. I was like, “dammit, not again!” At first I didn’t want to face it, only to notice that harboring these emotions only
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WTF is #True FREEDOM ?

While I was travelling in Asia earlier on this year, I learned that: From an outside view, freedom can often seem like a destination. A Situation. An Outcome. And although it can provide temporary gratification, while in Asia, as I got to “escape” reality for that time being and was exposed to moments of bliss, I realized that no matter where you go, true Freedom is found within. If we feel trapped inside, we will
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Throughout my journey to self discovery and self love, I found that travelling always brought me closer to who I am. And maybe that’s why I always loved it. When you’re out of your own comfort zone, living the unknown, and when you’re exposed to different cultures, conditions, and paradigms, that’s when you are open to new perspective – to new experiences, not only on the outside, but within. Growing up, I didn’t always embrace
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From what I’ve seen and heard, 2018 was a tough year for a lot of us. For me, there were major tower moments, breakdowns, and inner healing. A year where I faced a lot of my shadow self, whilst aligning myself with whats for me. Starting off 2019 was awesome. I booked a stunt actor role in the movie “EXCELSIS” in T-dot, without “chasing” it. I believe when you align yourself, plant your seeds and