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“Why Do You Do What You Do?”

Recently, a friend asked me this very question. Why I blog. Well for one, I Love it. However, even if you love to do something, doesn’t mean sharing it with the world, makes you any less afraid of what others may think, whether or not they’ll resonate. Because a lot of us, aspire to inspire others. To make a difference & feel purposeful in what we do. However, when we focus on fear rather than
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Corona Got Me Rappin’

To spread some good vibes, I did a Rap about ‘Corona’. Sending You Some Love, Yo! #cavabienaller

Self-Ish or Self-Care?

You Need You, Too If you ever felt guilty for putting yourself first, this blog is for you. If you ever felt that it was wrong, to honor your needs if it meant disappointing others, this blog is MADE for you. So, during this whole pandemic, we’ve been challenged, tested left and right. We’ve been triggered and felt fear on a whole other level. Moreover, during this time, our true colors were revealed.  Our priorities
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Trust Your Journey. Life Happens “For” You.

Life brought you here – and maybe that’s exactly where you need to be. (In Quarantine) (I was inspired to share this post as I feel  many of us are going through a super hard time right now.) Dear friend, family, every one: Yes, You may feel “lost” but now is the opportunity, to find yourself, more than ever. You may feel stagnant, but you’ll grow even more (behind closed doors). At times we’re so
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Love over Hate. Peace Over “War”.

Given my Asian ethnicity, it’s no secret I was targeted as well as became witness to hate that was brought to the surface during times like these. In addition to the unfortunate crisis, we were reminded that racism is still ongoing and separates, rather than unites us. However, as frustrating as it can be to observe all this madness going on, we were also shown on the other side, that there’s still hope in humanity.
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Bored & Frustrated? Channel that Sh!t & Get Creative 😉

So this morning, I woke up and felt the pull to do this Video. I guess with all this madness, I’ve been inspired to do random shit. This. Alot of people have been saying how bored they are and how they can’t wait for things to get better… Cuz yes. This period of uncertainty sucks. It’s tough to cope with the changes. Unfortunately, what’s happening right now is beyond our control. But, meanwhile, What are
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New Space. New Energy. New Perspective.

At first I wasn’t sure if moving out during all the chaos, was ideal – but realize that it was actually perfect timing. With everything going on in the world, we’re now truly motivated to go “inside”, have less means to escape via distractions and therefore having a space where you feel good is more than optimal. Whether it’s your home. Your environment. Or within. Create one where you feel safe. To be who you
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Go Within – Heal Inside

Why Do We “Escape”? ‘Cause it’s scary to confront the parts of us we don’t necessarily want to face. And at times, instead of facing what we feel, we repress it. Numb it out. Escape through our own vices. Because it’s easier. Because it hurts to go within. I once got so good at escaping – to the point where I couldn’t feel. Until it all caught up to me and manifested into the physical
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Chill Your Mind – Think Less. Live More.

Tired of OVER THINKING? For those of you who often Over-Think and those of you who have your moon in Gemini, I feel you. We may have more tendency to rationalize our emotions, and try to “understand” them rather than feel them. And thus in turn, may spend more time living inside our minds, then actually LIVING. WHY? Fear. Fear of not knowing (the answers). Fear of not having control (of the outcome). And in
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Believe in Yourself. Not the “Naysayers”.

Throughout the Journey,  at times, people may not vibe with you or “get you”. At times, they may not support You, Your vision, or Your dreams. Hell, some may even tell you it’s not possible. That you wont make it. And yeah the feeling sucks & this makes it even harder to keep on going… BUT Anyone whose ever made it didn’t believe in the “naysayers”. They Believed in themselves. So, whatever your Dream is.
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Feel Good – Elevate Your Vibe to Align

HOW DO YOU Get more into alignment? by feeling good 😉 When life gets fvcked, in whichever way. It’s not about denying or escaping what it is you feel, it’s about consciously making the Choice to gradually Transmute your Energy and Focus towards Feeling Good (for real). I know it’s tough to feel good during the “SHITTY TIMES”. But when you feel like “shit”. Take a break. Go within to Heal. Do your best to
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Forgive Yourself & Others.

Ever Felt Like You Couldn’t Truly FORGIVE & LET GO?  At times, Forgiving Yourself & Others can be hard AF to do.  So Why Forgive? Because You Deserve to move Forward. To Free Yourself. From the Past. From the hurt. And ultimately, Because You Deserve to HEAL. So. Please. With time. Forgive Yourself and Others. For what already Transpired. For what can’t be undone. For the moments you acted out of fear, to protect yourself.