Growing up with a father who is deeply passionate about martial arts, I watched him train diligently at an early age, and told myself I’d one day be acting & fighting in a movie alongside Jackie Chan! Intrigued by martial arts at a young age, I took my first judo class at the age of 8. Subsequently, I trained in Tae-Kwon-Do for a few years, achieved one belt below black, and enjoyed competing in local tournaments. That was it for then.

Who would’ve known that many years later, a series of events would have led me to do stunts, and in particular find passion in film-fighting. From the moment I got hooked, I committed to developing and honing my film fighting and stunt skills, by which I had the opportunity to train under renowned stunt coordinator Jean Frenette for a few years. Through it, I was blessed to land my first stunt gigs in 2016 on feature films such as “MOTHER!” dir. by Darren Aronofsky, “Bon Cop Bad Cop 2” and “Death Wish” featuring Bruce Willis,  and got to experience MOCAP as Stunt Actor on video game RAINBOW SIX SIEGE, which I very much enjoyed. In addition, having worked on indie action short films, and in particular “AUDREY” as the female lead, I was thrilled by the experience and was inspired to further explore the best of both worlds: to combine my love for both acting and stunts in film.

What I love about film-fighting is the nuances found in a fight choreography, that is much like an acting scene. While on the journey of discovering the stunts realm, I’m realizing there will be always room for growth. So far, I’ve gotten a taste of the martial arts aspect to it, and love it. There’s more avenues in stunts, and specifically in fighting such as weapon training that I’m excited to continue further exploring.  My latest stunt credits include TV Show’s BLOOD & TREASURE and just recently EXCELSIS, a canadian feature film in Toronto based on Women’s MMA, which I was so grateful to be part of. From all the training and learning new techniques to fighting in the octagon for the first time as if I was a “real” MMA fighter, this was truly an unforgettable experience. Finding that perfect midpoint between film fighting and real MMA fighting, was definitely a challenge, but so rewarding in the end. While I have been gaining set experience with a few renowned stunt coordinators in MTL so far, and most recently in Toronto as well as Vancouver for TV show Charmed, I continue to seek ways to further evolve as a stunt actor & individual.

Growing up feeling like there was a scarcity of female lead roles in action films, I am inspired to challenge myself to greater heights, as an actress who also does her own stunts. Ultimately, to embody a character, who isn’t in the story just to fight. But with a deep backstory, that led her to fight.

So, why I do stunts? Because it pushes me out of my comfort zone. Because it inspires me to face my fears.  Because it makes me feel RAW.