I remember watching a Jackie Chan movie when I was a kid and telling myself I’d one day be acting in a movie with him! However, this thought of being an actress completely faded as I got to my high school years. Having grown up exposed to a more conventional view when it came to success, I had realized that acting wasn’t something I could truly pursue.

Thus, acting was never part of the plan. But years later, after having underwent a heart surgery in 2010, while on my journey to self-disovery I fell in love with self expression, and Acting eventually became that main vehicle.

Ever since I discovered my passion for acting in 2014 after taking a workshop in Florida, I dove into my first Intro & improv classes in MTL, and by 2015 I packed my bags to LA after feeling a strong pull to do a 3 month intensive training at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. There, I fell in love with the “Art of Acting”. I was inspired to act from the heart, not only in my scenes but to explore that in real life. Acting got me to be vulnerable and having been someone who was repressed for the longest time, it had opened me up to a whole new world, and I loved it. While out West, I was cast as a lead in short films, such as “Shadowplay”, and as a result gave me a taste of the deep journey acting can entail.

Ever since then, I was determined to make acting my focus, to further develop myself as an actress; whether it is through creating my own film projects, collaborating on short films,  workshops with LA casting directors such as Seth Yanklewitz, Matthew Barry, and acting coach Margie Haber in NY, and Matt Newton for Cold Reading recently. Although my TV credits so far include “FATAL VOWS” and most recently “The Detectives 2”, I am blessed to have gotten the opportunity to dive deep into lead roles on indie short films throughout my journey, as the experience is always rewarding. The short film “CES GENS DU PAYS” for one, brought me back to my Asian roots, and helped me understand the history behind my culture. Most recently, the short film “AUDREY”, was one where I got to embody a strong female role as an assassin who battles her inner demons. It was then that I knew I was drawn to intricate and deep characters. Perhaps, because through it, my empathy for humanity deepens. Also, this was a gig where I truly got to experience the best of both worlds: to experience her depth and kick ass at the same time.

Although I feel like a late bloomer, I believe we create our own opportunities. Whether it’s growing through life experience which in turn helps you in your acting, or progressing in your craft via different workshops, or simply, creating your own film productions with roles and stories you connect with on a personal level. Thus, I believe every actor’s path is different, and there is not one way to do it, just as long as you have the passion that continues to drive you.

Having only scraped the surface of this industry, I am appreciating the journey acting offers me. Moreover, being a Vietnamese woman in the film industry, I’m inspired to stay true to myself and help shift the perspective of the Asian stereotype.

Ultimately, I want to be part of stories that transcend humanity and take on roles that challenge me to grow as an actress and individual.

Why I do acting? Because it inspires me to be WHO I AM. To embrace the darker parts of me. And to be here now.




Here are my acting demo reels of 2018 (new ones soon to come). I’ve learned that there is no such thing as perfection – Only progress, and that every year is a new adventure, filled with many more challenges as an individual and in this case, as an actress – to be able to discover parts of myself within each character I get the opportunity to embody.

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