Dance – Battle Cry

Shot & Directed by: Rico Montanez

Production, Editing & Creative Direction by: Christine Trinh & Rico Montanez

“I believe dancing is one of the most cathartic mediums of self-expression for both the dancer, and the audience that experiences it. Although I’ve never considered myself much of a trained dancer or one who does much choreography – I just dance how I FEEL, especially when words can’t be expressed.

Thus, while I was in LA earlier in 2015, I was inspired to do a creative collaboration because throughout my journey, I connected deeply with this song and it saved me at times of rock bottom. Ultimately, it reminded me to keep fighting within because the best was yet to come. Through this video, I wanted to share with you some of my realizations in hopes of connecting with those who went through something similar. Shout out to Angel Haze & Sia for healing people through this beautiful and inspirational song. “-C.T.