New Space. New Energy. New Perspective.

At first I wasn’t sure if moving out during all the chaos, was ideal – but realize that it was actually perfect timing.

With everything going on in the world, we’re now truly motivated to go “inside”, have less means to escape via distractions and therefore having a space where you feel good is more than optimal. Whether it’s your home. Your environment. Or within. Create one where you feel safe. To be who you are. One, where you can get creative, express yourself, and find inner peace. Where you can dig deeper and reflect on what truly matters. This is a time to be grateful for what you already have, and to cultivate healthier habits while letting go of what no longer vibes with you. Because more than ever, your health and your emotional well being is so important. More than ever, this is not a time to give up.

So if there’s a project or a dream you’ve been wanting to pursue. But never have. If anything, the time is now. It might just mean that we’ll have to think outside the box. Get truly creative, and do things differently, with the resources we have.

With that said, there’s always a silver lining in any tragedy. And maybe this is our opportunity to finally wake the fvck up 🙂 .To truly hustle within and behind the scenes. Plant seeds towards our goals, and build ourselves, while we’re still in one piece.

Lastly, with all this madness going on, and while in moments we may feel like we’re losing hope in humanity, perhaps through it all, we’ll gain more courage from here on to rebel against societal norms, and expectations. Of how we should do things and how we should be. To break through old paradigms. Of what we were once taught to believe. And instead, listen to our own inner voice. Stand for our own truth. Be who we really are and take action towards what we fear. Towards our dreams. And what we truly care about.

Ultimately, maybe this madness, will awaken us to MISBEHAVE, and in turn, we can shift paradigms, and make (dope) history.

On that note, family and friends, everyone. I hope you are all healthy and gaining new perspective during this period of uncertainty. Take care of yourself and create your own (inner) space where you can feel good during the time we need to feel that the most.

Sending you all dope vibes and good energy!

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