Welcome to my Journey…

I never thought I’d have the courage to create a “blog”, let alone share my deepest thoughts, but here I am.

Throughout my journey to self-discovery and self-love, I’ve come to realize that every hardship we go through happens for a reason. It may lead us to where we are meant to be, and make us stronger for what’s to come next. Only through my life experiences was I able to find the courage to fight for more, do what I love, and face parts of myself I never dared. Today, this is where I find inspiration for my work as a stunt actress, individual, and what motivates me to keep on going.

Ever since my heart surgery in 2010, there has been countless fights within, soul-searching, relapsing, learning and discoveries in between.

Too often, we focus on the destination and forget how far we’ve come.

However, the most beautiful part, is the JOURNEY and the growth that comes with it.

Although I felt guided to share my experiences for a while now, I hesitated. I told myself I needed to heal first. To be honest, I was afraid to be seen for who I truly am. Especially the darker parts. Thus for a long time, I contemplated whether or not I should share my deepest thoughts … I asked myself, is it too much? Will people relate? Or, what if they see me in a darker state? but then I realize, that in being vulnerable, and in being authentic perhaps I’ll be able to connect with those who are going through similar things but who may find it hard to express.

With that said, blogging behind closed doors has been one of my best kept secrets. I have written countless “blogs” ever since my rebirth, but never shared. The good and the darker parts while on the journey to self-discovery and self love, as a stunt actress, creative director, and individual. As of 2019, I told myself I want to live my best life. And part of this, means following what I’m being called to do. What I am truly passionate about. Writing.

Needless to say, the blogs I have written and write most often contain profanity. That’s just how I express myself. Also, my writing may not always be grammatically correct, especially my punctuation. I write how I speak. However, I can assure you that what I share, is true to what I feel. It is unfiltered. It is uncensored. It’s me.

With that said, I believe when we share our experiences we may connect – feel less alone – feel more hopeful, and inspire one another.

 Through sharing with you my realizations through experiences on the journey as a stunt actress, creative entrepreneur,

I hope to encourage others to embark on the most beautiful journey, by doing what they love, and discovering who they are

I believe LIFE itself is education and as long as we are open and seeking there will always be something valuable to learn that will be able to serve us in our careers, dreams and as individuals.

What I truly yearned all this time was to find freedom within.

Even today, I may not have all the answers, but I trust that the best is yet to come.

Much Love to you all. Thank you for your support and for taking the time to read my blog.


Christine Trinh