Love over Hate. Peace Over “War”.

Given my Asian ethnicity, it’s no secret I was targeted as well as became witness to hate that was brought to the surface during times like these. In addition to the unfortunate crisis, we were reminded that racism is still ongoing and separates, rather than unites us.

However, as frustrating as it can be to observe all this madness going on, we were also shown on the other side, that there’s still hope in humanity. That there are tons of dope ass (non) humans out there : whether it’s those using their wide platform & voice to inspire others, whether it’s those who are putting themselves more at risk working crazy hours to be of service for those in need, or even those helping out the elders and the vulnerable rather than project hate and profit during this time.

Lastly, the “war” I speak about, is the one within us. Thus, by loving yourself (first), you can love others (more). And during times like these where we may need it the most, perhaps it’s the perfect timing to Choose Love. To Choose Peace. Oh and to always, be a G. 😉

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