Go Within – Heal Inside

Why Do We “Escape”?

‘Cause it’s scary to confront the parts of us we don’t necessarily want to face. And at times, instead of facing what we feel, we repress it. Numb it out. Escape through our own vices. Because it’s easier. Because it hurts to go within. I once got so good at escaping – to the point where I couldn’t feel. Until it all caught up to me and manifested into the physical – into illness – disease. Until, I had no choice but to face it all at once.

But why wait until then?

 The thing is, choosing to sit with your emotions – with your pain, takes courage. It’s brave NOT to run. To let yourself feel what you feel. For sure, Going Within is painful AF BUT it’s necessary for growth. To bring you closer to your truth, to ultimately enlighten you. Know that every step you take towards facing your own shit, and the more you allow yourself to feel & dig deeper, the closer you are to healing in-side. Which in turn, heals you on the out-side. 😉

Thus, although these periods of going within, and of “recovery” from whatever it may be, may often feel like you’re missing out or that you’re not moving forward, they serve as opportunities for you to address the core of the matter, to awaken to new perspective, to heal within, grow and come back stronger than before.

With that said, I know it really sucks and it hurts like hell. But, be open to the silence, the tower moments, the “dark night of the soul” the “falling apart”. You’d be surprised of what you can discover in these moments that will bring you to new “places” you couldn’t have gone prior.  As hard and dark as it gets – Commit to your Healing. Because on the other side, is Freedom within & a bunch of dope shit coming your way – that are meant for you. 🙂

So yeah, the Journey to Healing is a constant fight* within. It’s never a straight line. At times it feels upside down. And for sure there will be times you’ll want to escape. Temporarily. And that’s okay. We all do. However, if you’re reading this, you’ve taken a step. By being open, you are progressing.  You’re on your way. So be proud of yourself man. For when you do NOT run. For when you take the time to go within – For not giving up on the “fight”. Ultimately,  For Choosing to Heal Inside.

Lastly, when you feel like escaping, Remember. YOU are worth Saving*. <3

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