Forgive Yourself & Others.

Ever Felt Like You Couldn’t Truly FORGIVE & LET GO?

 At times, Forgiving Yourself & Others can be hard AF to do.  So Why Forgive?

Because You Deserve to move Forward. To Free Yourself. From the Past. From the hurt. And ultimately, Because You Deserve to HEAL.

So. Please.

With time. Forgive Yourself and Others. For what already Transpired. For what can’t be undone. For the moments you acted out of fear, to protect yourself. For the moments you were misunderstood or you misinterpreted given where you were at in your life. For “giving up” and walking away, because you felt it was for the best. For your actions, words, and lack there of, that may have hurt the ones you love.

Forgive Yourself and Others because like they say, “You did the best you could with what you knew at the time.

PS. You= Others 😉

Forgive Yourself & Others. Let Go to Grow.

Do It for Yourself. Because You Deserve it, Yo. <3

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  • Joey Comtois February 25, 2020   Reply →

    Truly inspiring, Im at a crossroads having just survived an accident that almost took my life, but left me paralyzed from the belly down to my feet. I choose positivity and to move forward. Know that your message gives me hope even though my spinal cord is severed, that one day I will walk again. There’s so much more yo my story, I could share with you sometime if you want. JC

    • chr1stine February 25, 2020   Reply →

      Thanks Joey 🙂 I’m glad my message could help you in any way. You are a survivor – and choosing to have a positive perspective is key to moving forward. + Yes, sharing is connecting – I Wish you all the best on your healing journey – you got this!

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