Feel Good – Elevate Your Vibe to Align

HOW DO YOU Get more into alignment? by feeling good 😉

When life gets fvcked, in whichever way. It’s not about denying or escaping what it is you feel, it’s about consciously making the Choice to gradually Transmute your Energy and Focus towards Feeling Good (for real). I know it’s tough to feel good during the “SHITTY TIMES”. But when you feel like “shit”. Take a break. Go within to Heal. Do your best to work your way towards “Feeling Good”. ‘Cause when you Feel Good, you can operate from a place of Love. You’re able to truly connect with Yourself. You’re more open and Vibrate at a Higher Frequency and Energy.

Moreover, as Gabrielle Bernstein emphasizes: by Feeling Good, You’ll be more in Alignment with the Universe. That’s when things start to work out. And in turn, that’s when you’re more likely to Attract all the Dope shit that’s meant to come your way. 😉

With that said, Feeling Good will help you Heal during the dark times. It will bring you answers and clarity that you seek. Feeling Good will enable you to create more during moments of stagnancy.

So, What and Who Makes you Truly Feel Good?

*Surround yourself with the people, situations and environments that Uplift you.

*Focus on cultivating the “Feel Good” Thoughts and do what makes you feel exactly that.

Even if it means at times, just laying there on your comfy ass bed. (My Favorite 🙂 )

Ultimately, Choose to Work your way towards Feeling Good.

Elevate your Vibe to Align.

Feel Good first, and the rest will sort itself out, in time.

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