Chill Your Mind – Think Less. Live More.


For those of you who often Over-Think and those of you who have your moon in Gemini, I feel you. We may have more tendency to rationalize our emotions, and try to “understand” them rather than feel them. And thus in turn, may spend more time living inside our minds, then actually LIVING.

WHY? Fear. Fear of not knowing (the answers). Fear of not having control (of the outcome). And in some instances, Fear of LIVING.

So, How do can we be more present?

According to Eckhart Tolle, Thinking is an addiction. And we must become an observer of our thoughts to free ourselves from the mind. To be in the now. Thus, by choosing to put up that white flag and surrender to the present moment when you feel your mind start to take over. With practice, just like anything else, you’ll be more and more present.

Because, aren’t you tired of not “acting” on what you feel, in certain moments, of not being “here now”, to then ruminate on what could’ve been. What you could’ve done?

I certainly am…

So these days, although I still find it hard af, what helps me talk myself out of Over-Thinking, is by reminding myself and focusing on the importance* of living now. So do what helps you be more present. Because YOLO – Cliché but, truly you don’t know what tomorrow will bring, and if this moment will ever come again. Being present allows you to truly connect, to yourself, to the ones you love, to the world around you, and in turn, you can achieve more, feel more, be more. Alive.

Isn’t that the point of living? 😉

So yeah, I know it seems impossible at times. To quiet the mind. To not worry. To not question. But when you can (because you always can), let go of that shit in your mind that doesn’t serve you – that holds you back from the now. Which like they say, is all you have.

Moreover, give life a chance to surprise you. Let life happen, and trust that things will work out on its own, as it’s meant to.


when you catch your mind acting up, Choose to “Think less and Live more”.

Chill your mind & All will be chill yo. 😉

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