“Why Do You Do What You Do?”

Recently, a friend asked me this very question. Why I blog. Well for one, I Love it. However, even if you love to do something, doesn’t mean sharing it with the world, makes you any less afraid of what others may think, whether or not they’ll resonate. Because a lot of us, aspire to inspire others. To make a difference & feel purposeful in what we do. However, when we focus on fear rather than love, it can hold us back from fully experiencing what could be. And even get in the way, of what we could create*.

Having said that, ever since I started blogging, there were many times I let fear block me – whether it held me back from all that I truly wanted to say. Or, from sharing a post, even when I felt pulled* to do it.

However, with the recent pandemic, can we even afford to not act on what we feel pulled towards? 

The thing is. When you’re driven by love. By purpose. Beyond you. But that deeply resonates within you. This alone, can motivate you to take action in moments of fear. Of doubt. Of uncertainty.

So, why do I blog, even if at times, it may mean, not many people will read or vibe with what I write? Well more than ever, among a lot others, I feel the need to spread the message. To Serve. To bring awareness, and light to new perspective. To share positive vibes especially during this time. Thus, if through sharing we can inspire even one person. Isn’t that the purpose? To help the collective by being who we are and doing what we love.

With that said, when you do what you love & share it with others. In turn, you grow* by facing your fears. Learn* via trial & “error”. Moreover, in expressing your truth, you’ll be heard & connect with those of similar vibe who may even become part of your “soul tribe” . So, find your “Why” and be driven by it. As it’ll give you the courage in moments of fear. Ultimately, your “WHY” will guide you closer to who you’re meant to be and what you’re meant to do in this world.

Lastly, Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs & for everyone who’s supported and encouraged me to do what I love no matter what. You’ve truly made an impact.

Ps. My “Why” is now leading me to Vlog 😉

–> Why Do You Do What You Do? 🙂

New Space. New Energy. New Perspective.

At first I wasn’t sure if moving out during all the chaos, was ideal – but realize that it was actually perfect timing.

With everything going on in the world, we’re now truly motivated to go “inside”, have less means to escape via distractions and therefore having a space where you feel good is more than optimal. Whether it’s your home. Your environment. Or within. Create one where you feel safe. To be who you are. One, where you can get creative, express yourself, and find inner peace. Where you can dig deeper and reflect on what truly matters. This is a time to be grateful for what you already have, and to cultivate healthier habits while letting go of what no longer vibes with you. Because more than ever, your health and your emotional well being is so important. More than ever, this is not a time to give up.

So if there’s a project or a dream you’ve been wanting to pursue. But never have. If anything, the time is now. It might just mean that we’ll have to think outside the box. Get truly creative, and do things differently, with the resources we have.

With that said, there’s always a silver lining in any tragedy. And maybe this is our opportunity to finally wake the fvck up 🙂 .To truly hustle within and behind the scenes. Plant seeds towards our goals, and build ourselves, while we’re still in one piece.

Lastly, with all this madness going on, and while in moments we may feel like we’re losing hope in humanity, perhaps through it all, we’ll gain more courage from here on to rebel against societal norms, and expectations. Of how we should do things and how we should be. To break through old paradigms. Of what we were once taught to believe. And instead, listen to our own inner voice. Stand for our own truth. Be who we really are and take action towards what we fear. Towards our dreams. And what we truly care about.

Ultimately, maybe this madness, will awaken us to MISBEHAVE, and in turn, we can shift paradigms, and make (dope) history.

On that note, family and friends, everyone. I hope you are all healthy and gaining new perspective during this period of uncertainty. Take care of yourself and create your own (inner) space where you can feel good during the time we need to feel that the most.

Sending you all dope vibes and good energy!

Believe in Yourself. Not the “Naysayers”.

Throughout the Journey,  at times, people may not vibe with you or “get you”. At times, they may not support You, Your vision, or Your dreams. Hell, some may even tell you it’s not possible. That you wont make it. And yeah the feeling sucks & this makes it even harder to keep on going…

BUT Anyone whose ever made it didn’t believe in the “naysayers”. They Believed in themselves.

So, whatever your Dream is. Go for it. Believe in Yourself. Surround yourself with the ones who do Support you.

And Remember, You ARE brave enough to pursue your Dreams no matter what they say and how tough the journey may get.

You are resilient and You fvcking got this man 😉

Love Yourself First.

The journey to self-love is not an easy one. To break free from old paradigms, and your limited self beliefs. To shift your self-perspective and undo what you’re taught – all that, seems never-ending.

It took me tragedy, countless self-help books, and all kinds of therapy, to understand that it was never about “fixing” yourself or changing the parts of you that you feel are dark, and “imperfect”. It’s about shifting your perspective to which I came to realize that we are born different. We are not perfect. And that to shun certain parts of yourself, and to try to be someone you’re not, is far more exhausting, than to embrace who you are.

Feel me?

Thus, instead of judging yourself in moments you may feel shameful, dark, and negative, choose to be kinder to yourself. Because when you Let love be the driving force, it goes along way. Although It doesn’t necessarily take your pain away in those moments or the reality of what you’re living, by choosing to cultivate self-love and self-compassion, you can begin to truly heal within. When you choose to do so you get to know your worth, and what you deserve. Thus, you become more in alignment with what you truly want, and the life you yearn to live.

The irony in my story is that although undergoing a heart surgery “fixed” the hole in my heart. Loving myself more throughout my journey, is what allowed me to truly heal.

With that said, if there’s anyone you need to love, it’s YOU.

Fall in love with yourself first, and the rest will fall into place 😉

Leap Into the Unknown

Ever feel like you’re being pulled in one direction but can’t seem to break through that threshold? The journey into the unknown is scary af.  And we’ve all been there. Where we’ve had to make the decision, whether to leap forward or play it safe.

I’ve come to realize that the unknown means growth. And the more you grow, the more you feel “lost”. The more you feel like you’re starting over again. As if you’re back to square one. To have to rebuild your foundation, cultivate new relationships, and create your “new” world, or is it the world you’ve always wanted? A world where you’re finally able to step into your truth, be in alignment with relationships, situations, and opportunities that are truly for you. It’s fucking bittersweet.  

I feel the more I find myself the more I feel lost and by this, I mean from what I once knew. From who I never was. Ever since my heart surgery 9 years ago up until to now, I had to shed multiple layers to get here. To get closer to who I am.

The thing is, how ever “far” you’ve come along your journey to self-discovery and self-love it’s still painful every time you shed your false self to grow, to heal. And let’s be real, the journey to healing yourself, can be lonely as fuck. So why do it right?  ‘Cause even when you feel somewhat healed or that you’ve overcome adversity, the universe will find ways to throw more challenging shit your way.

And, Fvck. Right now, I feel I’m about to enter a new phase, once again. The new unknown. It feels foreign, and I’m scared. And there are moments where I wonder if I made the wrong decisions in leaving situations, people and “opportunities” behind. The thing is. Sometimes I wish didn’t know more. Played it safe.  Chose the familiar. The comfortable. Sometimes I question why I have these big dreams & visions, this deep need to heal, to become more of who I am? And, tell myself perhaps it would be simpler if I just suppressed what I truly feel, or want like I did years ago?

The thing is, the more you “lose” or in other words find yourself, the more you get a closer glimpse to the life you yearn to live. But then there’s that doubt, that negative voice that creeps in, and says “what if this isn’t the “right” path,”what if this doesn’t work out”, and “what if I’m not cut out for this”?!

So I’ve been wanting to do Vlogs for a while now, write a book, and blog but I repressed these desires because I was afraid to expose my deepest fears, secrets, and me at the rawest. ‘Cause I know once I do, my world would inevitably change. I was questioning like, “fuck are people going to relate? Are people going to understand my message? Will they judge me for who I am and what I’ve lived?”

And then you start doubting yourself, but then you’re reminded that you’ve been led here for a reason. That the synchronicity and signs came your way, from living certain experiences, to resources to people who support and encourage you to push forward, because it’s meant for you.

I wanted to trust that perhaps in sharing my realizations, and perspective it can inspire others to be who they are and feel less alone on their journey to self-love and self-discovery.

 So here’s the thing. Even when you have this knowing, you can either decide to leap forward or say fuck it and just not do it.  If you choose not to, the thing is, you may regret it later on. You may look back years later wishing you had taken the leap, into the unknown.

And I knew this was not what the new, the real me, wanted.

To feel like you got close and didn’t leap forward due to fear, of the unknown, sucks big time.

Thus, whether this journey into the unknown you feel called towards is one that pertains to new love, new career, and/or new adventures, trust that you are ready.  That you can breakthrough that threshold.

 The truth is, the journey into the unknown is terrifying to say the least. But even if you may be afraid, you can still choose to leap forward, even if this means in “baby” steps.

With that said, what I learned is to keep moving forward, to that “unknown” that’s calling you. Whether it be in love, in pursuing your dreams, or whatever it may be. Yes, it may be uncomfortable as fuck. But change is essential for self-growth, for you to be more of who you are, and attract the life you truly want.  And hey, it’s okay to feel lost along the way. It’s okay to feel like you don’t know where the fuck you’re going at times.

However, as scary as it may be, whenever you choose to leap into the “unknown” that’s calling you, regardless of the outcome, it will be rewarding in self-growth. Ultimately it brings you closer to where you are meant to go and who you are meant to be.

So at the end of the day, will you play it safe or BE BRAVE AND CHOOSE TO LEAP INTO THE UNKNOWN?  

The path that leads to new journeys

Ever since I chose the artist & “unconventional” route of pursuing acting and stunts, I’ve wanted to give up at least once a year. I was intrigued by this path, and became passionate about acting and stunts because it made me feel alive – because acting and stunts became mediums where I could express myself – given I was once emotionally repressed, afraid to be who I am & to be vulnerable – Until, my heart surgery gave me the opportunity to truly be reborn.

However, in the last year, I came to realize that I was letting acting and stunts define and validate who I am. The successes. The failures. The artist me. So much that I started to forget who I was beyond it. That I didn’t know what it meant to truly feel alive, without it. Thus, I set out once again to further discover myself and realize that the universe puts us through challenges, and exactly the experiences we need practice in. Every audition regardless if I booked it, and every stunt I did or new zone I entered, gave me opportunity to grow to new heights, to overcome my fears and most of all inspired me to look deeper within. To want to discover and embrace the darker parts of me. To live the moment truly and open my heart, not only on camera.
Sometimes you may question why you chose to walk the unconventional path as it’s never easy and it’s challenging to say the least. However, by taking the leap in pursuing acting and stunts, I have been blessed with awesome opportunities to collaborate with talented individuals and growth experiences so far no matter what credits I have or have not acquired. And recently, while I nursed a mild injury for the last few months (and now finally healed!), though I “missed” opportunities because of it, the blessing in it, was that it prompted me to shift my focus on other passions I had put on the back burner for a while due to fear of truly taking the leap. Moreover, it gave me the opportunity to further re-evaluate my goals moving forward when it comes to acting and stunts – what resonates with me and what no longer does.
And sometimes, that means saying no to certain opportunities, to let go of the outcome and be patient for what you truly want. That perhaps when we are “rejected”, whether in acting, or in real life, we are redirected to another door. One that’s meant for us. If, we are open. Because in the end, what’s yours is already yours. All in all, this shifted my perspective whereas I no longer want to “chase” but to work within and on my craft in the areas I’m most passionate about in order to align for the opportunities meant for me.
 Thus, through pursuing acting and stunts, not only was I led to discover parts of me that needed healing and became more of who I am – I was led to other avenues I didn’t imagine prior to this path – from finding passion in branding artists as to their true essence, and now, writing – blogging – and more, soon to come 😉 .
With that said, as long as you follow your heart (as cheesy as it may sound), and as long as you are open to letting it guide you to where you are meant to go and experience without focusing on a final destination, you CAN’T “fail”. You can only evolve and grow.
Thus, to all my fellow actors, stunties, artists, and any one else on a similar path: When you feel like giving up on your dreams, remember WHY you started. Be true to who you are. Trust your path. And most of all, stay brave and take that leap. You’d be amazed of where it can lead you 😉.
Lastly, I want to thank everyone I’ve had the pleasure to cross paths with so far, who have supported me on my journey, and for making me feel less alone in it. I appreciate you.
Cheers, to #NewJourneys & To being #Reborn!


Throughout my journey to self discovery and self love, I found that travelling always brought me closer to who I am. And maybe that’s why I always loved it. When you’re out of your own comfort zone, living the unknown, and when you’re exposed to different cultures, conditions, and paradigms, that’s when you are open to new perspective – to new experiences, not only on the outside, but within.

Growing up, I didn’t always embrace my culture. At times, I was ashamed to be Asian. Perhaps, it was my once flawed belief, that my race made me inferior to others. Perhaps, having experienced situations where I felt discriminated due to my race, in some way, did not help me feel entirely comfortable in my own skin – so for a long time, I avoided getting to know my culture. To truly know where I come from. But the further along I got in my journey to self-discovery and self- love, the more I felt the pull towards discovering my roots, Vietnam. And ever since then, I’d been dreaming about going to Vietnam for a while. This year I told myself 2019 is about living my best life, and discovering my roots is part of the many adventures to come.

Thus, I set off to journey in Vietnam, and after doing a tour in Vietnam for 17 days and visiting 10 cities, I felt closer to my roots like never before. As I finally got to see where my parents come from, as I was able to discover my culture and the history behind it, the landscape, the people and appreciate Vietnam’s beauty as well as its “imperfections”.

Travelling in Vietnam forever shifted my perspective. Not only was I reminded to be grateful for all that I have and the conditions we are blessed with back home, but by truly paying attention while there, I was able to truly see that there is never “nothing” going on and that behind every person there is a story to be told. Through this, I was able to get a closer glimpse to their daily hustle and how hard they work to make a buck. How they are so present and don’t seem to fuss about the little things. But also, how important family and tradition is. How they honor and live by it.

All in all, this trip was definitely eye opening and an amazing journey (even if short lived). Moreover, I got to practice my Vietnamese but damn, it was hard to communicate at times! Through it, I’m realizing more and more how travelling can be so nourishing for the soul, and how important it is to make time for it. So if there’s any place you’ve been dying to go…DO IT! You may re-discover who you are, and more.

On that note, Vietnam, you’ve helped me heal and given me new perspective. Lastly, thanks to you I’ve gotten to know more of who I am. You’ve left me intrigued to dig deeper. I’ll definitely be back.