Trust Your Journey. Life Happens “For” You.

Life brought you here – and maybe that’s exactly where you need to be. (In Quarantine)
(I was inspired to share this post as I feel  many of us are going through a super hard time right now.)
Dear friend, family, every one: Yes, You may feel “lost” but now is the opportunity, to find yourself, more than ever. You may feel stagnant, but you’ll grow even more (behind closed doors). At times we’re so focused on where we want to be that we don’t take the time to reflect on how far we’ve come & how strong we’ve become. (You are a Warrior)
With that said, sometimes, we need to “fail” in order to then prevail. “Miss” opportunities, so you can be led to the “right” ones. Sometimes, things need to fall apart (this crisis), so things can then fall into place. Sometimes It’s through moments of darkness, that you can see a glimpse of light. ‘Cause like #Rumi says, “the wound is the place the light enters you”.
So although we may feel like giving up even more during this time. And that things just seem to keep getting worse. Please, hold on. Find the courage, to rise from the ashes (when you’re ready). Find something to fight for, while you’re still here. Do what it takes to refuel, so you can be inspired once again, in time.
➡️ One day you’ll look back and realize, that this was part of your process. To heal. To get to that place, you’ve been wanting to go. Thus, as hard as  it may be, Trust in The ups AND Downs. The battles you’ve overcome. Cause they led you HERE + This period is necessary, for what’s to come next. Which will be BOMB! Lastly, I know it’s harder than ever right now but…Trust Your Journey, Life happens “For” You.
Sending you all healing vibes.

Love over Hate. Peace Over “War”.

Given my Asian ethnicity, it’s no secret I was targeted as well as became witness to hate that was brought to the surface during times like these. In addition to the unfortunate crisis, we were reminded that racism is still ongoing and separates, rather than unites us.

However, as frustrating as it can be to observe all this madness going on, we were also shown on the other side, that there’s still hope in humanity. That there are tons of dope ass (non) humans out there : whether it’s those using their wide platform & voice to inspire others, whether it’s those who are putting themselves more at risk working crazy hours to be of service for those in need, or even those helping out the elders and the vulnerable rather than project hate and profit during this time.

Lastly, the “war” I speak about, is the one within us. Thus, by loving yourself (first), you can love others (more). And during times like these where we may need it the most, perhaps it’s the perfect timing to Choose Love. To Choose Peace. Oh and to always, be a G. 😉

Go Within – Heal Inside

Why Do We “Escape”?

‘Cause it’s scary to confront the parts of us we don’t necessarily want to face. And at times, instead of facing what we feel, we repress it. Numb it out. Escape through our own vices. Because it’s easier. Because it hurts to go within. I once got so good at escaping – to the point where I couldn’t feel. Until it all caught up to me and manifested into the physical – into illness – disease. Until, I had no choice but to face it all at once.

But why wait until then?

 The thing is, choosing to sit with your emotions – with your pain, takes courage. It’s brave NOT to run. To let yourself feel what you feel. For sure, Going Within is painful AF BUT it’s necessary for growth. To bring you closer to your truth, to ultimately enlighten you. Know that every step you take towards facing your own shit, and the more you allow yourself to feel & dig deeper, the closer you are to healing in-side. Which in turn, heals you on the out-side. 😉

Thus, although these periods of going within, and of “recovery” from whatever it may be, may often feel like you’re missing out or that you’re not moving forward, they serve as opportunities for you to address the core of the matter, to awaken to new perspective, to heal within, grow and come back stronger than before.

With that said, I know it really sucks and it hurts like hell. But, be open to the silence, the tower moments, the “dark night of the soul” the “falling apart”. You’d be surprised of what you can discover in these moments that will bring you to new “places” you couldn’t have gone prior.  As hard and dark as it gets – Commit to your Healing. Because on the other side, is Freedom within & a bunch of dope shit coming your way – that are meant for you. 🙂

So yeah, the Journey to Healing is a constant fight* within. It’s never a straight line. At times it feels upside down. And for sure there will be times you’ll want to escape. Temporarily. And that’s okay. We all do. However, if you’re reading this, you’ve taken a step. By being open, you are progressing.  You’re on your way. So be proud of yourself man. For when you do NOT run. For when you take the time to go within – For not giving up on the “fight”. Ultimately,  For Choosing to Heal Inside.

Lastly, when you feel like escaping, Remember. YOU are worth Saving*. <3

Chill Your Mind – Think Less. Live More.


For those of you who often Over-Think and those of you who have your moon in Gemini, I feel you. We may have more tendency to rationalize our emotions, and try to “understand” them rather than feel them. And thus in turn, may spend more time living inside our minds, then actually LIVING.

WHY? Fear. Fear of not knowing (the answers). Fear of not having control (of the outcome). And in some instances, Fear of LIVING.

So, How do can we be more present?

According to Eckhart Tolle, Thinking is an addiction. And we must become an observer of our thoughts to free ourselves from the mind. To be in the now. Thus, by choosing to put up that white flag and surrender to the present moment when you feel your mind start to take over. With practice, just like anything else, you’ll be more and more present.

Because, aren’t you tired of not “acting” on what you feel, in certain moments, of not being “here now”, to then ruminate on what could’ve been. What you could’ve done?

I certainly am…

So these days, although I still find it hard af, what helps me talk myself out of Over-Thinking, is by reminding myself and focusing on the importance* of living now. So do what helps you be more present. Because YOLO – Cliché but, truly you don’t know what tomorrow will bring, and if this moment will ever come again. Being present allows you to truly connect, to yourself, to the ones you love, to the world around you, and in turn, you can achieve more, feel more, be more. Alive.

Isn’t that the point of living? 😉

So yeah, I know it seems impossible at times. To quiet the mind. To not worry. To not question. But when you can (because you always can), let go of that shit in your mind that doesn’t serve you – that holds you back from the now. Which like they say, is all you have.

Moreover, give life a chance to surprise you. Let life happen, and trust that things will work out on its own, as it’s meant to.


when you catch your mind acting up, Choose to “Think less and Live more”.

Chill your mind & All will be chill yo. 😉

Believe in Yourself. Not the “Naysayers”.

Throughout the Journey,  at times, people may not vibe with you or “get you”. At times, they may not support You, Your vision, or Your dreams. Hell, some may even tell you it’s not possible. That you wont make it. And yeah the feeling sucks & this makes it even harder to keep on going…

BUT Anyone whose ever made it didn’t believe in the “naysayers”. They Believed in themselves.

So, whatever your Dream is. Go for it. Believe in Yourself. Surround yourself with the ones who do Support you.

And Remember, You ARE brave enough to pursue your Dreams no matter what they say and how tough the journey may get.

You are resilient and You fvcking got this man 😉

Feel Good – Elevate Your Vibe to Align

HOW DO YOU Get more into alignment? by feeling good 😉

When life gets fvcked, in whichever way. It’s not about denying or escaping what it is you feel, it’s about consciously making the Choice to gradually Transmute your Energy and Focus towards Feeling Good (for real). I know it’s tough to feel good during the “SHITTY TIMES”. But when you feel like “shit”. Take a break. Go within to Heal. Do your best to work your way towards “Feeling Good”. ‘Cause when you Feel Good, you can operate from a place of Love. You’re able to truly connect with Yourself. You’re more open and Vibrate at a Higher Frequency and Energy.

Moreover, as Gabrielle Bernstein emphasizes: by Feeling Good, You’ll be more in Alignment with the Universe. That’s when things start to work out. And in turn, that’s when you’re more likely to Attract all the Dope shit that’s meant to come your way. 😉

With that said, Feeling Good will help you Heal during the dark times. It will bring you answers and clarity that you seek. Feeling Good will enable you to create more during moments of stagnancy.

So, What and Who Makes you Truly Feel Good?

*Surround yourself with the people, situations and environments that Uplift you.

*Focus on cultivating the “Feel Good” Thoughts and do what makes you feel exactly that.

Even if it means at times, just laying there on your comfy ass bed. (My Favorite 🙂 )

Ultimately, Choose to Work your way towards Feeling Good.

Elevate your Vibe to Align.

Feel Good first, and the rest will sort itself out, in time.

Forgive Yourself & Others.

Ever Felt Like You Couldn’t Truly FORGIVE & LET GO?

 At times, Forgiving Yourself & Others can be hard AF to do.  So Why Forgive?

Because You Deserve to move Forward. To Free Yourself. From the Past. From the hurt. And ultimately, Because You Deserve to HEAL.

So. Please.

With time. Forgive Yourself and Others. For what already Transpired. For what can’t be undone. For the moments you acted out of fear, to protect yourself. For the moments you were misunderstood or you misinterpreted given where you were at in your life. For “giving up” and walking away, because you felt it was for the best. For your actions, words, and lack there of, that may have hurt the ones you love.

Forgive Yourself and Others because like they say, “You did the best you could with what you knew at the time.

PS. You= Others 😉

Forgive Yourself & Others. Let Go to Grow.

Do It for Yourself. Because You Deserve it, Yo. <3

Love Yourself First.

The journey to self-love is not an easy one. To break free from old paradigms, and your limited self beliefs. To shift your self-perspective and undo what you’re taught – all that, seems never-ending.

It took me tragedy, countless self-help books, and all kinds of therapy, to understand that it was never about “fixing” yourself or changing the parts of you that you feel are dark, and “imperfect”. It’s about shifting your perspective to which I came to realize that we are born different. We are not perfect. And that to shun certain parts of yourself, and to try to be someone you’re not, is far more exhausting, than to embrace who you are.

Feel me?

Thus, instead of judging yourself in moments you may feel shameful, dark, and negative, choose to be kinder to yourself. Because when you Let love be the driving force, it goes along way. Although It doesn’t necessarily take your pain away in those moments or the reality of what you’re living, by choosing to cultivate self-love and self-compassion, you can begin to truly heal within. When you choose to do so you get to know your worth, and what you deserve. Thus, you become more in alignment with what you truly want, and the life you yearn to live.

The irony in my story is that although undergoing a heart surgery “fixed” the hole in my heart. Loving myself more throughout my journey, is what allowed me to truly heal.

With that said, if there’s anyone you need to love, it’s YOU.

Fall in love with yourself first, and the rest will fall into place 😉